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The following are some general guidelines that may be considered by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (the ministry) in assessing requests for inclusion in its Related Links. Note however, that the ministry reviews all requests for inclusion in its Related Links on a case by case basis and all decisions are at the ministry's sole discretion.

  1. Links are made to non profit, government, professional association, and ministry partner websites that publish information related to the goals and objectives of the ministry.
  2. No links are made to commercial websites whose primary function is the sale of goods or services. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis, where a significant public or professional information service is present.
  3. No links will be made to websites of private individuals or government employees, including web logs (BLOGS).
  4. No links will be made to websites containing materials deemed inappropriate or contrary to the interests of the ministry or the government and people of Ontario.
  5. External links may be reviewed by the ministry from time to time and may be removed at the ministry's sole discretion.

If you require a reply, please provide a valid postal and e-mail address, as your reply may be in either form. We cannot provide a response if you provide an invalid e-mail address.

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Notice of Collection

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For reasons of security and privacy, the ministry cannot respond to in-depth or case-specific inquiries directly by e-mail. If you would like a response by regular mail, please provide your:

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