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Driving Instructors

Important changes were introduced by the Minister of Transportation on August 31, 2007, to the ministry's Driving Instructors and Beginner Driver Education (BDE) Program.

In partnership with Driving Instructors, BDE course providers and our driver education stakeholders, the ministry has implemented higher standards for the licensing of Driving Instructors. The new standards came into effect December 1, 2007. Regulation 473/07 of the Highway Traffic Act will impose more stringent eligibility requirements and renewal criteria for Driving Instructors. For example, there are new demerit point requirements for instructors and criminal code prohibitions.

Please note that under this Regulation and as of December 1, 2007, any existing Driving Instructors who currently have more than three demerit points will have their Driving Instructor licence revoked if any additional demerit points are acquired. Under the regulation Driving Instructors teaching G1 students can only do so if an approved BDE course provider employs them. These and other changes will ensure better-qualified instructors, quality training and greater consistency and accountability for all Driving Instructors and BDE driving schools improving road safety across the province.

Please visit e-laws for more information.