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VIII. Parking along roadways
Parking for people with disabilities

an Accessible Parking Permit

Diagram 2-51

The Accessible Parking Permit, formerly known as the Disabled Person Parking Permit, is a laminated card that may be displayed on the dashboard or turned-down sun visor of any vehicle in which a person with a disability is travelling. The permit entitles the vehicle in which the person named on the permit is travelling to park in designated disabled parking, standing and stopping areas. The permit is issued to the permit holder, not a specific vehicle.

People who have the old version of the permit, the Disabled Person Parking Permit, may continue to use this permit until it expires. Upon its expiry, any new permit issued will be the Accessible Parking Permit.

The Accessible Parking Permit is issued free of charge to qualified individuals. To qualify for an Accessible Parking Permit, a licensed physician, chiropractor, nurse practitioner (extended class) physiotherapist or occupational therapist must certify that the applicant has one or more of the conditions detailed on the Accessible Parking Permit application form.

There are four types of Accessible Parking Permits.

  • A regular permit (blue) is issued to people with permanent disabilities and is valid for five years. Until 2011, all individuals will need to be re-certified before renewing their permit. After that date, only individuals whose condition is deemed “subject to change” will need to be re-certified before renewing their permit.
  • A temporary permit (red) is issued when the disability is expected to last more than two months, but is not a permanent disability. The temporary permit is not renewable.
  • A traveller permit (purple) is valid for up to one year and is issued upon request to individuals who hold a valid Accessible Parking Permit and plan to fly from any Ontario airport. The permit holder places the traveller permit on the dashboard or sun visor of their vehicle when leaving it parked at the airport. The person’s regular permit travels with them.
  • A company permit (green) is valid for up to five years and is issued to companies and non-profit organizations that own or lease vehicles used to transport people with physical disabilities.

Misuse or abuse of an Accessible Parking Permit should be reported to the police. Misuse of an Accessible Parking Permit will result in fines and revoked privileges. Accessible Parking Permit applications are available at any ServiceOntario Centre or by sending a request to the ministry at the following address:

Service Ontario
Licence Renewals Unit
P.O. Box 9800
Kingston, ON K7L 5N8

Never park in a space designated for people with disabilities unless you display an Accessible Parking Permit in the windshield of your vehicle. The permit must belong to you or one of your passengers. This also applies to standing or stopping at curb areas reserved for picking up and dropping off passengers with disabilities.