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Other ways to lose your licence

Any drug that changes your mood or the way you see and feel about the world around you will affect the way you drive. Criminal Code and HTA sanctions apply to drivers impaired by alcohol or a drug.

In circumstances involving possible impairment by drugs or a combination of alcohol and a drug, police can require a driver to perform physical co-ordination tests and submit to a drug evaluation, and then require a driver to provide blood, oral fluid or urine samples. If you fail or refuse to comply with any of these demands, you will be charged under the Criminal Code. You will also receive an immediate administrative driver's licence suspension, and be subject to an immediate seven-day vehicle impoundment.

Illegal drugs such as marijuana and cocaine are not the only problem. Some drugs that your doctor may prescribe for you and some over-the-counter drugs can also impair your driving. Here are some points you should remember:

  • If you use prescription medicines or get allergy shots, ask your doctor about side effects such as dizziness, blurred vision, nausea or drowsiness that could affect your driving.
  • Read the information on the package of any over-the-counter medicine you take. Any stimulant, diet pill, tranquillizer or sedative may affect your driving. Even allergy and cold remedies may have ingredients that could affect your driving.
  • Drugs and any amount of alcohol together can have dangerous effects, even several days after you have taken the drug. Do not take a chance; ask your doctor or pharmacist.