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I. Getting ready to drive a snowmobile
Be well prepared for every trip

Carefully preparing for every trip is an important part of safe snow­mobiling. Check local weather forecasts and local ice conditions before heading out, as they can change in a matter of hours. Avoid travelling on unmarked frozen lakes and rivers. Make sure you tell someone where you will be travelling and when you expect to be back. Use the buddy system; do not drive your snowmobile alone and always ride within your abilities and according to conditions.

Take along a first-aid kit, a vehicle repair kit, an extra ignition key, a drive belt, spark plugs and a rope. On long trips, include a map and a compass (or a GPS unit and know how to use it), flashlight, hunting knife, hatchet, extra fuel, matches in a waterproof box and high-energy food such as granola bars. If you travel over frozen lakes and rivers, wear a buoyant snowmobile suit and carry ice picks to improve the chances of survival if you break through the ice.