Driver Improvement Office

The Driver Improvement Office is committed to improving road user safety and mobility in Ontario by efficiently and effectively delivering driver improvement programs based on policy and legislation.

The Driver Improvement Office is responsible for the delivery of driver control and medical review-related programs. This office co-ordinates and administers policies, programs and procedures relating to all aspects of driver fitness including the administration of the administrative driver’s licence suspensions, the Demerit Point System, driver’s licence suspensions and reinstatements. These responsibilities involve road safety, individual mobility, customer service and data integrity. The Driver Improvement Office plays an integral role in maintaining road safety and contributing to making Ontario’s roads safer.

The Driver Improvement Office consists of the following sections:

  • Medical Review Section
  • Driver Control Section

Driver Control Section

The Driver Control Section is responsible for driver record maintenance including licence suspensions, reinstatements, cancellations, re-tests and convictions. The Driver Control Section administers the following programs:

  • Administrative Driver’s Licence Suspension (ADLS) Program
  • Vehicle Impoundment Program (VIP)
  • Commercial Vehicle Impoundment Program (CVIP)
  • Administrative licence suspensions for races, stunts and contests
  • Remedial Measures Program
  • Ignition Interlock Program
  • Demerit Point System
  • Over 70 Collision Re-test
  • Collision Repeater Program
  • School Bus and Driver Instructor Licences
  • Unpaid Fines Licence Suspensions
  • Family Support Licence Suspensions

Medical Review Section

The Medical Review Section is responsible for the delivery of medical review programs including suspending driving privileges for drivers found to be unfit due to medical reasons and reinstating driving privileges for those individuals deemed to meet the medical standards. The Medical Review Section administers the following programs:

  • Mandatory Reporting by physicians
  • Mandatory Reporting by optometrists
  • Cyclical reporting for commercial drivers
  • Class G Vision Waiver Program
  • Remedial Measures Program

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