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Medical Review Section

Medical Advisory Committee

The ministry has a panel of expert medical advisors known as the Medical Advisory Committee. This committee is comprised of 25 physicians in the fields of cardiology, psychiatry, endocrinology, ophthalmology, internal medicine, physiatry, geriatric medicine and substance abuse.

These medical experts are contracted by the ministry to review complex cases (e.g. waiver applications, multiple conditions, detailed assessments from specialists) and provide an expert opinion to the Registrar of Motor Vehicles. This process may take up to five weeks. Recommendations may include:

  • Licence suspension
  • Reinstatement
  • Downgrade a commercial class licence
  • Remain suspended
  • Request additional information

Appeal Process

Section 50 of the Highway Traffic Act provides for the opportunity for a driver to appeal a medical suspension or medical downgrade from a commercial class licence. The Licence Appeal Tribunal can confirm, modify or set aside the decision of the Registrar. The Tribunal's decisions in medical cases can be appealed to the Superior Court of Justice within 30 days from the date the Tribunal's decisions are released.

The driver's licence remains suspended / downgraded until the appeal is heard. The fee for the appeal is $100. Information can be found on the Licence Appeal Tribunal website.

National Medical Standards

In addition to the basic mandatory medical and vision standards found in regulation, the ministry applies national medical standards when reviewing medical information and making licensing decisions. The national medical standards are those published by the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) and are referenced in s. 14 of Regulation 340/94.  In some cases the ministry may also refer to the standards of the Canadian Medical Association - Determining Medical Fitness to Operate a Motor Vehicle.

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