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Medical Review Section

Police Reporting

Police are required under Section 199(3) of the Highway Traffic Act to report all collisions within 10 days to the Ministry of Transportation. The standard collision reporting form includes information about the condition of drivers involved in the collision.

For a number of years, police services have also reported drivers to MTO who may be medically unfit to drive; these reports were typically received by MTO on police service letterhead.

In response to recommendations from three Coroner's Inquests, MTO partnered with representatives from MCSCS, MAG, municipal police services and the Ontario Provincial Police to develop a reporting form to assist police to report potentially unfit drivers to MTO.

In July 2006, a new standardized reporting form that police officers may fax to MTO 24 hours a day, seven days a week was distributed to all police services in Ontario.

Police officers may use this new form to report drivers who come to their attention upon the investigation of a collision; public complaint, and/or exhibition of poor driving.

This new form standardizes reports to MTO and prompts police for critical information needed by MTO to make an informed decision on whether the driver poses a threat to road safety.

The form can be used to report to the ministry unsafe drivers requiring evaluation or investigation, including:

  • Drivers with suspected medical impairment;
  • Drivers who show signs of significant driving incompetence; or
  • Commercial vehicle drivers involved in a collision and who have "fallen asleep" at the wheel.

In 2009, MTO received 1,600 police reports which include the new standardized form and reports received on police letterhead.

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