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Equivalent Vehicle Brands from Canadian and US Jurisdictions

Province Equivalent to Salvage in Ontario Equivalent to Irreparable in Ontario
Alberta Write-off or Repaired Salvage
British Columbia Salvage or Rebuilt Parts only or Dismantle
Manitoba Salvageable or Rebuilt Irreparable
New Brunswick Salvage or Rebuilt Non-repairable
Nfld-Labrador Salvage or Rebuilt Non-repairable
Nova Scotia Salvage or Rebuilt Non-repairable
Prince Edward Island Salvage or Rebuilt Non-repairable
Quebec Gravement accidenté or Reconstruit Irrécupérable
Saskatchewan Salvage or Rebuilt Non-repairable

United States of America
State Equivalent to Salvage in Ontario Equivalent to Irreparable in Ontario
Alabama Salvage; Reconstructed Non-repairable - parts only certificate
Alaska Reconstructed Vehicle Wrecked or Totalled or Junked
Arizona Salvage or Restored Salvage Non-repairable or Junk
Arkansas Reconstructed "REC" Junk, destroyed, scrapped
California Salvage or Salvage Rebuilt; Salvaged Non-Reparairable
Colorado Salvage; "R"; Rebuilt Junk
Connecticut Salvage; "A" Parts Only, or Code K
Delaware Salvage Parts Only or Flood damaged
Florida Salvage-Rebuildable or Rebuilt Salvage or Unrebuildable
Georgia Salvage or Rebuilt Flood damaged or Fire Damage
Idaho Salvage/total loss; Reconstructed vehicle Junk, For Junk only
Illinois Salvage or Reconstructed vehicle Flood vehicle or For junk only
Indiana Salvage or Rebuilt Vehicle
Iowa Salvage or Prior salvage Junked
Kansas Salvage
Kentucky Salvage or Rebuilt vehicle Junk or water damaged
Louisiana Salvage
Maine Salvage
Maryland Salvage Parts only
Massachusetts Salvage - Repairable with one or more of the following subclassifications:
Coll - (collision);
Floo - (flood);
Parts Only with one or more of the sub-brands:
Coll - (collision);
Floo - (flood);
Vand- (vandalism).
Michigan Salvage title or Rebuilt Scrap title or Junking certificate
Minnesota Salvage or Prior salvage or Rebuilt Flood
Mississippi Salvage Flood
Missouri Salvage; Prior Salvage Junking Certificate
Montana Salvage Code "S" or Rebuilt Salvage Flood
Nebraska Salvage or Previously salvaged
Nevada Rebuilt Flood damaged or Non-Rebuildable
New Hampshire No title Salvage
New Jersey Salvage or Code "S" Code "F",
New Mexico Salvage
New York Salvage or Rebuilt salvage
North Carolina SAL or " SVR" "WFD"
North Dakota Salvage or Previous salvage Junked (can be re-titled)
Ohio Salvage or Rebuilt Salvage For Destruction
Oklahoma Salvage
Oregon Totalled
Pennsylvania Salvage - class B Salvage - class A
South Carolina Salvage Not Rebuildable
South Dakota Junking certificate
Texas Salvage or Reconditioned or Rebuilt salvage Non-repairable or Flood damaged or Certificate of authority to dispose
Utah Salvage
Vermont Salvage or Rebuilt
Virginia Salvage vehicle or Salvage rebuilt Non-repairable or Water damage,
West Virginia Salavage or Reconstructed Non-repairable; Parts only, certificate
Wisconsin Salvage or Repaired - Salvage Flood
Wyoming Code "S" or Salvage Code "R" Code "F" or Non-repairable