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French Slogan Licence Plates

Ontario is committed to improving services offered in the French language. The newest addition to the expanding selection of licence plates is the French slogan commercial vehicle licence plate, made available to Ontarians on July 18, 2011.

Regular series French slogan passenger vehicle licence plates have been available since May 2008. French slogan personalized licence plates were introduced in March 2011. The only difference between the English and French versions is the slogan that appears on the lower part of the licence plate. The English slogan is "Yours To Discover" and the French slogan is "Tant À Découvrir".

Sample Passenger Plate
with ENGLISH slogan

Sample Passenger Plate with English slogan

Sample Passenger Plate
with FRENCH slogan

Sample Passenger Plate with French slogan

The French slogan is not available for licence plates with a graphic (with the exception of the Franco-Ontarian graphic), motorcycle licence plates, or sample plates.

Other French language licence plates available for purchase/order include:

  • Franco-Ontario graphic plate with the French slogan “Tant À Découvrir”
  • Canadian Blood Services graphic slogan in French with “Donnez du sang”
  • Green vehicle licence plate with the French “Véhicule Écologique”

Customers requesting further information on French slogan licence plates can call the ServiceOntario Driver and Vehicle Call Centre at 1-800-387-3445 or 416-235-2999 in the GTA.

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