Buying Personalized, Graphic, Veteran or Sample Licence Plates

Veteran Licence Plates

The following Ontario veteran graphic licence plates are available to eligible veterans:

  • Passenger and commercial veteran graphic plates displaying a red poppy and the word"Veteran" underneath the poppy. These can be next-out-of-box, personalized licence plates (PLP) original order with graphic or reorder with graphic, or amateur radio plate.
  • Veteran graphic plates are also available for motorcycles. These plates display the poppy with the word"VETERAN" underneath and are available as next-out-of-box only.
  • Sample veteran plates are available, but limited to two plates for each eligible veteran. Sample veteran motorcycle plates are not available.

Veteran eligibility requirements are outlined on the Application for Veteran Plate Eligibility Certification.

Personalized Licence Plates

Ontario has a Personalized Licence Plate Program. The program gives you options to choose an appropriate personalized message that balances the right of personal expression and community standards. When choosing your message, please remember that licence plates are constantly in the public eye. Since all licence plates are the property of the government, the final decision to grant or not to grant a personalized licence plate rests solely with the government.

You may purchase a personalized plate for a passenger vehicle, commercial vehicle or motorcycle. Personalized passenger plates (without graphics) are available with either the English slogan,"Yours to Discover", or the French slogan,"Tant à Découvrir". Passenger and commercial plates may have two to eight characters. Motorcycles may have two to five characters. Please note that personalized licence plates are not available for limited-speed motorcycles.

You may also choose to add a graphic symbol to your unique personalized plate. Graphics are not available on motorcycle plates (with the exception of the veteran graphic motorcycle licence plate) or French slogan personalized plates, and seven and eight character personalized plates cannot include graphics.

Choose an appropriate personalized message.

A personalized licence plate message may be created using almost any combination of letters and numbers. Passenger and commercial plates may have two to eight characters. Motorcycles may have two to five characters.

Your application will not be accepted if the combination of letters/numbers you selected has already been issued. In addition, requests will not be approved if they are determined to be objectionable under the following criteria:

  • Sexual
    • Sexual messaging or meaning.
  • Abusive, Obscene Language and Derogatory Slang
    • Abusive, vulgar, derogatory, obscene or profane language;
    • Known offensive slang in any language, text-messaging language etc.
  • Religion
    • Religious meaning or messaging.
    • Only the use of religious titles that are considered formal designations of persons within the religion are permitted.
  • Drugs/Alcohol
    • Reference to the use of or sale of legal or illegal drugs;
    • Effects of drugs or alcohol;
    • Alcohol-related words, including brands.
  • Political Figures, Dignitaries/Law Enforcement Officials
    • Political opinion, slurs, affiliation or organizations are prohibited except non-profit advocacy groups/trade organizations;
    • Negative or derogatory message or meaning with respect to government;
    • Falsely suggesting association with a public institution and/or law enforcement;
    • Reference to well-known figures or names;
    • Badge numbers of police officers.
  • Violence/Criminal Activity
    • Messages or meanings that could be associated with violence, as well as promoting discrimination or bias against individuals;
    • Illegal or criminal activity of any kind.
  • Human Rights Discrimination
    • Messages that express contempt, ridicule or superiority of race, religion, ethnic origin, ancestry, place of origin, citizenship, creed, color, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, family status, physical characteristics, disability or political affiliation.
  • Clarity and Readability for Law Enforcement Officials
    • Plate selections that are deemed to lack clarity or would be difficult to read. This also includes combinations with:
      • No more than 4 identical characters in sequence;
      • Interchangeable letters/numbers are not allowed (i.e. S/5, A/4, G/6, Q/O);
        • For example, if a plate has been issued with an "S" in its combination and an identical plate request is submitted substituting the"S" with a"5", that plate will not be approved.
  • Graphic + Characters
    • Any combination of graphics and characters that together could be determined to be objectionable under the above criteria or violate the contract with a Graphic Partner.
  • Intellectual Property (such as trademarks)
    • Infringement of intellectual property rights such as trademarks;
      • The characters on a plate must not infringe on any third party intellectual property rights such as trademarks. It is your responsibility to check that the characters on the plate do not infringe upon any intellectual property rights.

You may convert an existing plate to a personalized licence plate; these plates must be re-manufactured and will be shipped to you.

Place your order.

You may order your plate one of three ways:

NOTE: All licence plates are property of the Government of Ontario and must be returned upon request.

Graphic Plates

Here's an opportunity to add some colour and flair to your vehicle licence plates. You can choose a graphic like the loon or trillium; or you can support your favourite Ontario professional sports team, community organization or university. There are over 60 to choose from, so go ahead, EXPRESS YOURSELF!

To order:

Sample Plates

Sample plates are for display purposes only and cannot be legally attached to a vehicle. They are usually requested by plate collectors or as decorative items.

A sample plate may be ordered for a regular passenger plate or many of the available graphic symbols, however, some exceptions may apply (e.g. major sports teams, Ontario Provincial Fire Fighters Association (OPFFA), the veteran graphic motorcycle plate, etc.) Only one plate is issued, and there is a limit of two sample plates of any one graphic per single order. It takes approximately four to six weeks for the applicant to receive the plate(s) in the mail.

To order a sample plate, visit a ServiceOntario centre and complete an Application for Registration. Sample plates may also be requested by mail from:

1355 John Counter Blvd
PO Box 9400
Kingston, Ontario K7L 5K9

Fee Table

Personalized, Graphic and Sample Plates
Cost Gift Certificates Available
2 to 8 character personalized plates $310.00 Yes
2 to 6 character plates with a graphic $336.40 Yes
Convert a regular series plate to a personalized plate 310.00 Yes
Motorcycle plates (2 to 5 characters)
Please note that personalized licence plates are not available for limited-speed motorcycles.
$310.00 Yes
Add a graphic to a personalized series plate $138.65
Regular series graphic plate $82.15 Yes
Regular series sample plate
(Out of Canada request $15.00, HST not required)
$16.95 No
Sample plate with a graphic $33.90 No
Reorder of personalized plates (i.e., replacement) $99.10 Yes/td>
Reorder of graphic plates (i.e., replacement) $53.90 No

Prices include HST. All personal cheques must be certified unless payment is sent by mail.

Customer Service Options

Below are the service channels where you can purchase/order this service. Click on the underlined titles below for an address/location.

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Buying personalized and graphic plates
Buying sample plates

For further information please complete our online feedback form, or contact the ServiceOntario Driver and Vehicle Contact Centre at 416-235-2999 or toll free at 1-800-387-3445.