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Licence plates are validated by obtaining and affixing a validation sticker to the upper right hand corner of your plate. For your convenience, a renewal application will be mailed or emailed approximately 60 to 90 days prior to the sticker expiry (usually your birth date). To find out more about email reminders, refer to My Account at If you do not receive a renewal application or have lost it, a new one can be printed, and your plates renewed while you wait, at any ServiceOntario Driver and  Vehicle Licence Issuing Office.

Renew your plates online at ServiceOntario Driver and Vehicle Online Services.

You may also bring the following documents to any ServiceOntario Driver and Vehicle Licence Issuing Office.

Automobile Insurance Verification

In Ontario it is mandatory for all vehicles to have automobile insurance coverage.

Drivers are required to provide proof of valid insurance when renewing their vehicle’s licence plates.

Effective November 29, 2010, Ontario will electronically verify with the Insurance Bureau of Canada, if a vehicle has mandatory insurance coverage during the licence plate renewal process. The authority of the Ministry of Transportation to verify insurance information is provided for under the Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act

As part of the insurance verification process, vehicle owners who may have unconfirmed insurance or vehicle-information issues will be notified in writing 120 days prior to their licence plate expiration date, allowing time to correct or update their information.

For further information please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions on this website.

Notice to Customers: 407 ETR Toll Amounts

Due to a November 9, 2005 court ruling, the Ministry must refuse to issue or renew a Vehicle Permit if outstanding 407 ETR toll amounts appear on our computer system.

As of November 24, 2005, any outstanding amounts on vehicle licence plates that have been submitted by 407 ETR due to non-payment of 407 ETR tolls and administrative fees must be paid prior to plate renewal.

If your tolls, administrative fees or interest are not paid within 90 days of your receiving a “Notice of Failure to Pay”, 407 ETR may require the ministry to refuse to validate (renew) your vehicle permit, and, where the licence plate in respect of the unpaid tolls, administrative fees or interest becomes unattached from the vehicle or expired, refuse to validate (renew) another single vehicle permit issued to you and/or refuse to issue a vehicle permit to you.

You can pay your 407 ETR toll amounts directly to the 407 ETR or at any Driver and Vehicle Licence Issuing Office.

Customers who have a dispute with their 407 ETR toll amount must contact the 407 ETR directly:

Telephone: 1-888-407-0407,
Email:, or

Mail to: 407 ETR Concession Company Limited
6300 Steeles Avenue West
Woodbridge ON L4H 1J1

Website: 407 ETR

At the time of renewal, any outstanding parking fines, outstanding 407 ETR tolls and administrative fees, and non-negotiable cheque amounts posted against the plates must be paid in full before a validation sticker is issued regardless of the amount shown on the Vehicle Licence Renewal Application.

Drive Clean Requirement

Vehicles are a major domestic source of smog-causing emissions in Ontario. Drive Clean, administered by the Ministry of the Environment, reduces smog-causing pollutants from vehicles by testing them to identify emissions problems and requiring them to be repaired.

Light-duty Vehicles (weigh 4,500 kg or less)

Most passenger cars, vans, and light trucks registered in the southern Ontario Drive Clean area must pass a test every two years in order to renew licence plates. If your vehicle needs a test, the Ministry of Transportation will indicate so on the vehicle’s licence renewal application. 

Recently, changes were made to exempt some vehicles.  For information on vehicle exemptions call the Drive Clean Contact Centre at 1-888-758-2999 or visit the Drive Clean website. Out-of-province callers may call 1-905-440-7482 (charges apply).

Heavy-duty Vehicles (commercial vehicles weighing 4,500 kg or more)

Diesel trucks and buses registered anywhere in the province and non-diesel vehicles registered in the southern Ontario Drive Clean area (Windsor to Ottawa) must be tested every year and be fully repaired. An incentive is available to encourage maintenance.

For more information call the Drive Clean Contact Centre at 1-888-758-2999 or visit the Drive Clean website. Out-of-province callers may call 1-905-440-7482 (charges apply).

Light Duty Vehicles Outside Ontario

If your vehicle is located outside of the province and requires an emissions test, a one-time extension may be granted that will renew the licence plates for six months without an emissions inspection. At the end of the six months, an emissions inspection may be required. See the "To Do Checklist" for information on how to renew the licence plates of a vehicle that is outside Ontario.

Fee Table - Annual Validation (Sticker) Fee

Vehicle-Related Transactions Cost
Passenger vehicles or motorized mobile homes
In Southern Ontario $82.00
In Northern Ontario $41.00
In Southern Ontario $42.00
In Northern Ontario $21.00
In Southern Ontario $12.00
In Northern Ontario $12.00
Commercial vehicle gross weight 3,000 kg or less $82.00
Commercial vehicle gross weight 3,000 kg or less, personal use
In Southern Ontario $82.00
In Northern Ontario $41.00
Motorized snow vehicles
In Southern Ontario $15.00
In Northern Ontario $0
Historical vehicles $18.00
Dealer and Service permit for vehicle or trailer $156.00
Dealer and Service permit for motorcycle $87.00

Effective January 1, 2005, all personal cheques must be certified unless payment is sent by mail.

"To Do" Checklist

Renewing Plates for an Out-of-Province Vehicle

  1. Get a letter requesting a six-month renewal stating the date of return to Ontario and the reason for the waiver signed by the plate owner or the plate owner's insurance company
  2. Get a completed vehicle licence plate renewal application; or if you do not have the renewal application, the signed letter noted above must also include:
    • the licence plate number to be renewed,
    • the insurance company name under which the vehicle is insured,
    • the insurance policy number
    • odometer reading
  3. Pay a six-month validation fee of $41 (The fee should be in the form of a cheque or money order payable to the "Minister of Finance/MTO" and drawn on a Canadian bank account.)

If allowed, your renewal date will be changed, and you will always renew on that date in the future.

If you choose to pay by Visa, MasterCard, or American Express we require a signed and dated letter of authorization which includes:

Send this information to the:

Ministry of Transportation
Licensing Administration and Support Office
Special Enquiry Unit
Building A, Room 178
2680 Keele Street
Downsview, ON  M3M 3E6
Fax: 416-235-4414


Customer Service Options

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DriveTest Centre Licence Issuing Office Mail Phone Order Online
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For further information please complete our online feedback form, or or contact the ServiceOntario Driver and Vehicle Contact Centre at 416-235-2999 or toll free at 1-800-387-3445 (Canada wide).