Senior driver's licence renewal program

Senior Driver Group Education Sessions suspended until further notice

December 9, 2020

Due to COVID-19, we have temporarily paused Senior Driver Group Education Sessions and waived vision testing and photo requirements until further notice. If you are a senior driver, you can now renew your driver’s licences online at

Renew your driver’s licence online.

Photo of a senior driver Learn about the licence renewal process for Ontario drivers age 80 and over.

About the program

Ontario's senior driver programs aim to keep seniors driving for as long as they can safely do so.

Once drivers reach 80 years of age, every two years they must:

  • Take a vision test
  • Undergo a driver record review
  • Participate in a 45-minute Group Education Session (GES)
  • During the GES, complete two, brief, non-computerized in-class screening assignments
  • If necessary, take a road test

This entire renewal process will take a total of about 90 minutes.

Please note that this is a licence renewal program. Existing and valid licenses will be not revoked, but all requirements need to be met before your licence is renewed.

Once you've completed the group session and screening components you may be asked to take a road test or submit medical information from your doctor.

If you have questions about the new program, please call 1-800-396-4233 or 416-235-3579 (GTA).

Program changes

You can download information about changes to MTO's Senior Driver Licence Renewal Program in one of 18 languages.

Arabic (PDF - 232 KB) Greek (PDF - 184 KB) Punjabi (PDF - 78 KB)
Chinese-Traditional (PDF - 240 KB) Gujarati (PDF - 230 KB) Russian (PDF - 181 KB)
Chinese-Simplified (PDF - 213 KB) Italian (PDF - 174 KB) Spanish (PDF - 176 KB)
English (PDF - 61 KB) Korean (PDF - 243 KB) Tamil (PDF - 250 KB)
Farsi (PDF - 297 KB) Polish (PDF - 180 KB) Urdu (PDF - 199 KB)
French (PDF - 178 KB) Portuguese (PDF - 177 KB) Vietnamese (PDF - 189 KB)

Senior driver group education

The booklet entitled: Aging and Driving: Ontario's Licence Renewal Program for Drivers Age 80 and Above is meant to help refresh your knowledge of driving in general, and outlines some of the effects of aging on driving.

You can download the booklet in one of 16 languages other than English and French.

It should be noted that as part of the province’s Licence Renewal Program for Drivers age 80 and above, the Senior Driver Group Education Session (GES) may reference material in this booklet. However, the booklet will not be necessary for successfully completing the GES and as such copies of the booklet will not be provided during the GES. While not required for the Group Education Session, drivers are encouraged to review it as supplemental reading.

English (PDF - 1.09 MB) Greek (PDF - 1.08 MB) Punjabi (PDF - 945 KB)
Arabic (PDF - 964 KB) Gujarati (PDF - 962 KB) Russian (PDF - 0.99 MB)
Chinese - Simplified (PDF - 1.20 MB) Italian (PDF - 1.10 MB) Spanish (PDF - 1.12 MB)
Chinese - Traditional (PDF - 1.14 MB) Korean (PDF - 1.07 MB) Tamil (PDF - 934 KB)
Farsi (PDF - 973 KB) Polish (PDF - 1.13 KB) Urdu (PDF - 991 KB)
French (PDF - 1.13 MB) Portuguese (PDF - 1.10 MB) Vietnamese (PDF - 1.02 MB)

In-class screening

You can download the in-class screening test (part of the education session) in one of the 18 languages (PDFs).

Arabic (PDF - 186 KB) Greek (PDF - 152 KB) Punjabi (PDF - 86 KB)
Chinese-Traditional (PDF - 42 KB) Gujarati (PDF - 135 KB) Russian (PDF - 156 KB)
Chinese-Simplified (PDF - 47 KB) Italian (PDF - 138 KB) Spanish (PDF - 61 KB)
English (PDF - 112 KB) Korean (PDF - 100 KB) Tamil (PDF - 177 KB)
Farsi (PDF - 413 KB) Polish (PDF - 156 KB) Urdu (PDF - 99 KB)
French (PDF - 112 KB) Portuguese (PDF - 62 KB) Vietnamese (PDF - 160 KB)

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