Highway 407 East


Highway 407 East is one of the largest highway construction projects
ever to take place in Ontario.

Photo of construction work on the new Highway 7/407 westbound bridge structure

Construction work on the new Highway 7/407 westbound bridge structure.

Extending Highway 407 East to Highway 35/115 by 2020 will help connect communities, residents and businesses. Thousands of construction jobs will be created locally and the economic benefits will help the regions prosper and provide a better quality of life for residents.

Highway 407 East will be extended 45 kilometres from Brock Road in Pickering to Highway 35/115. In addition, two north-south links – the 10-kilometre West Durham Link and the 10-kilometre East Durham Link – will connect Highway 401 to Highway 407 East.

Highway 407 East will be a tolled highway that will be publicly owned. The government will retain the revenue generated by the tolls, set the toll rates and establish high customer service standards. Highway 407 East will be a provincial asset that will increase in value over time. Ontario taxpayers will benefit from revenue generated from tolling.

Ministry officials met with community leaders throughout the development of Highway 407 East plan. Members of the public were also engaged through regular channels such as public information consultations.

In addition, Highway 407 East project team developed a new, innovative Community Value Plan (CVP) to enhance public consultation on environmental assessment. CVP uses workshops to understand community concerns (e.g. historical, environmental, cultural).

Building a Better Future

Photo of a highway

Highway 407 East will serve residents along the highway route, relieve congested areas of Highway 401 – Canada's busiest highway – and improve the movement of services and goods across Ontario. Getting Highway 407 East built means jobs – about 13,000 jobs for Phase 1 alone and significant economic spin-off benefits for local businesses.