Highway 407 East


This will provide an efficient east-west corridor across central Ontario. It is one of the largest highway construction projects ever in the province.

Construction has started and will continue until Highway 407 East is open to traffic at Highway 35/115 in 2020.

This project includes construction of:

  • 45 km from Brock Road in Pickering to Highway 35/115 in Clarington
  • Two north-south links to Highway 401: a 10-km West Durham Link and a 10-km East Durham Link

Highway 407 East will be a publically owned, tolled highway. The Ontario government will set and regulate tolls, retain the toll revenue and establish high customer service standards.


This project will:

  • support the movement of people and goods through the eastern Greater Toronto Area and beyond
  • create opportunities for business
  • accommodate population and employment growth
  • provide emergency detour routes for Durham Region

Highway 407 Map

Map of Highway 407

See a larger map of the Highway 407 East project. (PDF-1.7 MB)

Completion dates

The chart below shows when certain phases of the project will be open to traffic:

Late 2015

  • Phase 1 from Brock Road in Pickering to Harmony Road in Oshawa
  • a 10 km north-south highway called the West Durham Link (WDL) that connects Highway 407 East to Highway 401


  • initial portion of Phase 2 from Harmony Road to Taunton Road/East Durham Link (EDL)


  • The remainder of Highway 407 East (from East Durham Link to Highway 35/115)
  • the  East Durham Link (from Taunton Road to Highway 401)

Find out more at the Highway 407 East project website.