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Corridor Signing Policy

March 2010
Corridor Management And Property Section
Provincial Highways Management Division

1. Foreward

This edition of the Corridor Signing Policy replaces the Ministry of Transportation's previous Commercial Signing Policy, dated April 14, 2009.

This Policy is Chapter 6 of the ministry's Corridor Procedures Manual.

Local Area Offices administer the ministry's corridor management function. Inquires related to specific signing applications and/or location related requests should be directed to the nearest local Area Office. Please consult the blue pages of your local telephone directory, or the ministry's website for contact information.

Custodial Office

Inquiries about policy amendments, suggestions or comments may be directed to:

Provincial Highways Management Division
Contract Management and Operations Branch
Operations Office
Corridor Management and Property Section

Ministry of Transportation
2nd Floor, Garden City Tower
301 St. Paul Street
St. Catharines, ON L2R 7R4

Contact Tony Di Fabio or Ted Lagakos.