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Corridor Signing Policy

4. Applications and Permits

In this chapter:

  1. Onus On The Applicant To Secure Sign Permit
  2. Current Schedule Of Fees Will Apply
  3. Applicant To Be Advised Of Requirements
  4. Application Form
  5. Where To Get A Permit Application Form
  6. How To Complete The Permit Application
  7. How To Submit The Completed Permit Application
  8. Applicant Action Regarding An Application
  9. Action On Application By Field Services Engineer
  10. Action When Application Approved
  11. Expiry Date Of Sign Permits
  12. Sign Permit Renewal Notice
  13. Application Required When Sign To Be Changed
  14. Current Permit Number To Be Shown On Application To Change Sign
  15. When Change In Sign Approved, New Permit Is Issued
  16. Application To Change Sign May Be Approved Or Refused
  17. Sign Must Be Placed Within Six Months Of Issuance Of Permit

  1. Onus on the Applicant to Secure Sign Permit

    The PTHIA places the onus upon the individual to secure a permit from the Ministry of Transportation before displaying a sign within 400 m (0.25 mile) of any limit of a highway other than one sign 0.18 m2 (2 ft2) in size displaying the name or the name and occupation of the owner of the premises to which it is affixed or the name of the premises, and certain signs advertising agricultural products. Each sign shall be subject to the requirements of this policy.

    Each person, firm or municipality planning to display a sign(s) within the controlled area adjacent to a Provincial Highway, except only those signs which are specifically exempted by law or by this policy, shall be required to obtain a sign permit(s) in all instances where this policy so indicates. The applicable fee must accompany the application for a permit. In cases where an application for a permit is received and a permit is not required by this policy, the Delegated Authority shall prepare a Letter of Approval, in duplicate and send the original to the applicant. The second copy will be placed in the Ministry's office file.

  2. Current Schedule of Fees will Apply

    A sign permit which was issued before this policy came into effect and which is subject to annual renewal shall be, henceforth, subject to renewal at the current schedule of fees at the time of renewal. The permit, if it is for a sign that is to be continued under this policy, must be renewed in accordance with the dates stated in this policy. The fee for the current calendar year, if not paid previously, shall be due and payable immediately after this policy came into effect. The fee for each permit issued after this policy came into effect shall be in accordance with the annual schedule of fees.

  3. Applicant to be Advised of Requirements

    Each owner or applicant seeking information regarding the control of signs etc. exercised by the Ministry must be fully advised of the restrictions which apply to those areas which are adjacent to Provincial Highways.

  4. Application Form

    Application for a sign permit shall be made on the Application for Sign Permit (Form PH-A-17), by each person, firm, or organization planning to display a sign(s) or advertising device(s) within the controlled area.

  5. Where to get a Permit Application Form

    You can obtain a permit application form:

    The following illustrates an application form for a sign permit.
    application form for a sign permit

  6. How to Complete the Permit Application

    If you are applying for a Sign Permit, complete all sections.

    If you have questions about filling out the permit application form, contact your local area MTO office or the Senior Planner and Policy Advisor, Operations Office, whose phone number is listed at the bottom of the permit application form.

  7. How to Submit the Completed Permit Application

    The property owner shall be responsible for completing the necessary application forms and submitting the appropriate approved fees.

    Where the fee for a permit is based on the area of the sign, it shall be the actual physical area of all sign faces that are visible from the highway.

    Application instructions, forms and a schedule of current fees are available from the ministry's local area offices, or online.

  8. Applicant Action Regarding an Application

    An applicant proposing to apply for a sign permit must complete and send or deliver the application for sign permit to the appropriate Area Office of the Ministry. The applicable fee must accompany each application.

  9. Action on Application by Field Services Engineer

    The Ministry shall consider each application and the accompanying information having full regard to this policy.

  10. Action When Application Approved

    When an application for a sign(s) has been approved, the Ministry shall issue the permit in the name of the registered property owner or sign owner, whichever the case may be in accordance with this policy.

  11. Expiry Date of Sign Permits

    When a permit issued for a sign installation is subject to annual renewal, the expiry date shall be the last day of the calendar year to which the permit pertains.

  12. Sign Permit Renewal Notice

    Billboard/guide sign permit renewal will be mailed out from the Ministry's Corridor Management and Property Section.

  13. Application Required When Sign to be Changed

    When a major alteration (change in size or location) of a sign is proposed the applicant shall submit a completed application form indicating the proposed changes to the area office. When necessary to clarify the changes, the applicant must submit a detailed sketch and letter clarifying the changes.

  14. Current Permit Number to be Shown on Application to Change Sign

    When a sign that is to be altered or replaced is covered by a permit, the number of the current permit must be shown on the application form.

  15. When Change in Sign Approved, New Permit is Issued

    When an application to alter or replace a sign has been approved, any existing permit shall be cancelled and a new permit will be issued. An application to alter or replace a sign may be approved or refused at the discretion of the Ministry. If a sign is changed in a manner that changes the classification, etc. to a different classification or to a size, etc. that requires payment of a fee or of a higher fee, the difference between the previous amount paid and the fee for the new permit shall be payable before a permit is issued.

  16. Application to Change Sign May be Approved or Refused

    An application to change a sign already erected may be approved or refused at the discretion of the Ministry. Any change must meet the current requirements of the Ministry.

  17. Sign Must be Placed within Six Months of Issuance of Permit

    When a sign permit has been issued, the sign(s) to which the permit applies must be placed or erected within six months of the date of issue of the permit otherwise the permit shall be void and shall be cancelled. When a permit is cancelled in accordance with this procedure, the fee shall not be refunded.