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Corridor Signage

If you are planning to erect or alter a sign or advertising device on a property within 400m (¼ mile) of any Provincial Highway Right-of-Way, you may require a permit. There are certain restrictions as to setback, size and location, which you should be familiar with before proceeding.

A revised Corridor Signing Policy is now effective.

A MTO permit may be obtained by submitting the following to the Corridor Management Office:

  1. An Application for Highway Corridor Management Permits form (PDF - 2.3 MB)
  2. two copies of the proposed signage and proposed message
  3. Payment of the sign permit fee
  4. A site plan showing the location of the proposed sign and its proximity to the Provincial Highway.

All sign permits are subject to the following standard conditions as well as any site-specific conditions that may apply.

Sign Permit Conditions

MTO permits are subject to the following conditions and any supplemental conditions established by the Ministry of Transportation at time of issuance.

  1. In addition to the conditions of a permit, the owner must meet all of the requirements of the local municipality and any other agency having jurisdiction.

  2. The sign for which a permit is issued must be installed within 6 months of the date that the permit is issued or the permit shall be void and cancelled by the Ministry.

  3. All work related to the sign installation authorized by a permit shall be carried out in accordance with the approved plans, specifications and agreements and subject to the approval of the Ministry. The owner must bear all expense related thereto.

  4. Vegetation on the right-of-way must not be cut or trimmed without the written permission of the Ministry. Any cutting or trimming permitted must only be done under the supervision of the Ministry or its authorized agent at the expense of the owner. Any cutting or trimming of vegetation adjacent to the highway right of way requires the permission of the land owner.

  5. Each sign authorized by a permit shall be maintained in a condition satisfactory to the Ministry. Failure to maintain the sign(s) in a satisfactory condition shall result in the cancellation of this permit.

  6. Each sign shall be subject to the payment of fees as set by the Ministry from time to time. Failure to pay the prescribed fee shall result in the cancellation of the permit.

  7. During construction of the sign the owner shall ensure that the operation of the highway is not interfered with and that the right-of way remains free of debris, earth or other material.

  8. The permit for a Billboard sign located on the highway right-of-way expires 5 years from the date of issue at which time a new application must be made.

  9. If there is an expiry date named on a permit and a further term is required, an application for renewal of the permit shall be made to the Ministry before the expiry date of this permit. An extension of the expiry date may be approved or approved with additional conditions or denied by the Ministry.

  10. If a permit expires and is not renewed, all works constructed, maintained or operated under the permit, if the Ministry so requests, shall be removed at no cost to the Ministry.

  11. A sign permit may be cancelled at any time for breach of the regulations or conditions of this permit or for such other reason, as the Ministry at its sole discretion deems proper.

  12. If during the life of a permit any Acts are passed or regulations adopted which affect the rights herein granted, the said Acts and regulations shall be applicable to this permit from the date on which they come into force.

  13. The owner shall hold harmless the Ministry for all damages and liabilities caused as a result of the works undertaken pursuant to this permit.

  14. Billboard or Personal/Private signs must not be assigned or transferred from one owner to another. If the owner of the permit changes hands, then the new owner must apply for a new sign permit. Each new permit is subject to the conditions at the time of applying.

  15. Where the bush line is cleared after the sign permit has been issued, the permit holder is responsible for moving the sign back on the new bush line and obtains any other approvals, associated with the relocation.

  16. The ministry has the right to adjust its annual fee rates for Billboard and Personal/Private Signs.

Signs and Advertising Devices

A sign shall include any sign, notice or advertising device or any part thereof whether it contains words or not and shall include any device that is used solely to attract attention.

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Sign Permit Fees

Schedule of Rates

Permit Type Fees Frequency
of Renewals
Location Sign $23.00/m² One time fee
Portable Signs $23.00/m² One time fee
Development Sign   $23.00/m² New
Billboard Sign (OFF right-of-way) $11.50/m²
(minimum $170.00)
$7.50/m² (yearly)
(minimum $150.00 )
Billboard Sign (ON right-of-way) $11.50/m²
(minimum $170.00)
$7.50/m² (yearly)
(minimum $150.00 )
Guide Sign - Private Roadway (Grr1) $85.00 New
$55.00 Annual
Guide Sign - Personal Direction (Grr2) $85.00 New
$55.00 Annual
Guide Sign - Radio Station $170.00 New
$55.00 Annual

All cheques to be issued to "Minister of Finance"

Credit cards are acceptable at most area offices

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