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Frequently Asked Questions: Uninsured Vehicles Project


Uninsured Vehicles

What is the Uninsured Vehicles Project (UVP)?

The Uninsured Vehicles Project (UVP) is a joint initiative between the Ontario government and the Insurance Bureau of Canada to allow the verification of mandatory automobile insurance coverage at the time of plate renewal in an effort to reduce the number of uninsured vehicles on Ontario's roads.

Why do I need to have insurance?

Under the Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act, it's the law for all vehicles in Ontario to have valid insurance coverage. Drivers are required to provide proof of valid insurance when renewing their vehicle's licence plates.

When will UVP come into effect?

Starting November 2010 Ontario will be able to electronically verify, with the Insurance Bureau of Canada, if a vehicle has valid insurance coverage during the licence plate renewal process.

What authority does the Province have to verify my insurance coverage?

The authority of the Ministry of Transportation to verify insurance information is provided for under the Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act.

How will the Ministry of Transportation be able to check if Ontarians have valid insurance?

UVP will create a real-time electronic query between the Ministry of Transportation and the Insurance Bureau of Canada's insurance database, using the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to determine whether or not a vehicle has mandatory insurance coverage.

What if I don't have insurance?

Those who do not have valid insurance will not be eligible for licence plate validation renewal unless they have obtained the required mandatory vehicle insurance coverage. Drivers whose insurance cannot not be confirmed should contact an insurance provider or broker for further details or clarification.

What is the 120-day letter?

As part of the Ministry's insurance verification process, vehicle owners who have unconfirmed insurance or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) issues will be notified in writing 120 days prior to their licence plate expiration date, allowing time to correct or update their information. These notices will direct customers with either a VIN or insurance information issue how to correct this information prior to their plate renewal in order to avoid problems when processing their plate renewal transaction.

I have insurance but I received the 120-day letter. What does this mean?

Customers with valid insurance coverage who received the 120-day letter, may have potential issues with their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and/or their insurance information could not be properly verified. If a problem with your VIN has been identified, please refer to the insert enclosed with your letter, or click on this link,or contact your insurance provider or broker for further clarification.

I didn't receive the 120-day letter. What does this mean?

The 120-day letters are only sent to those individuals where valid insurance coverage could not be verified, or there is an issue with their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), or a combination of both scenarios.

Where can I get more information about UVP?

Get more information on vehicle permit renewal services. You can also contact the ServiceOntario Driver and Vehicle Contact Centre at (416) 235-2999 (GTA) or toll free in Canada at 1-800-387-3445. Find out more about the Insurance Bureau of Canada. Read more about the Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act in Ontario.

What are the penalties for driving without insurance?

  • There are tough penalties for driving without insurance:
    • A fine of up to $25,000 for a first offence
    • A fine of up to $50,000 for a second offence, and the possibility of a driver's licence suspension for up to one year.

How has the Province been validating my insurance in the past?

Currently, anyone registering or renewing their licence plates must provide their insurance company name and policy number and on their application and declare that they have valid automobile insurance when they renew a vehicle permit

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