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The Official MTO Bus Handbook is designed to help drivers who want to apply for licences to operate buses, school buses and ambulances. These are classes B, C, E or F driver’s licences.

As well as the rules of the road, bus and ambulance drivers need to know the laws governing the operation of vehicles that transport passengers. They must have special driving skills and demonstrate the safe driving practices that apply to those vehicles.

This handbook sets out the information you will need to know and the skills you will be expected to demonstrate in order to qualify for these licences. Some improvements you may notice include a new chapter called The Road Test, plus expanded information on backing and driving in roundabouts.

An applicant for a bus driver’s licence is also required to successfully complete a knowledge test for a Class D truck licence. A driver will maintain a Class D licence if temporarily downgraded. In addition to the bus handbook, the driver should study the Official MTO Truck Handbook; both should be used together.

This handbook is intended to help a person obtain a commercial class of licence. Effective July 1, 2017 an applicant for a bus driver’s licence will take a newly updated road test. Many people use a commercial class of driver licence as a way to earn income. The information in this book does not provide enough information about the regulations and compliance requirements necessary to prepare a person to drive commercial vehicles professionally.

A person interested in a career that involves driving commercial vehicles should obtain training by enrolling at a properly certified and accredited driver-training institution.

Drive Safely.