Ministry of Transportation / Ministère des Transports
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IV. School bus licence classes B and E

Here are definitions of some words used in this section.

  • A bus:
    a motor vehicle designed for carrying 10 or more passengers and used for the trans­portation of people
  • A school-purposes bus is:
    a school bus, as defined in subsection 175 (1) of the Highway Traffic Act; or a bus while being operated by or under contract with a school board or other authority in charge of a school for the transportation of adults with developmental disabilities or children.
  • A school bus:
    is painted chrome yellow, and displays on the front and rear the words “School Bus” and on the rear the words “Do not pass when signals flashing.”
  • A school-purposes vehicle is:
    a van or station wagon, while being operated by or under a contract with a school board or other authority in charge of a school, for the transportation of six or more adults with a developmental disability, six or more children or six or more persons from both categories.
  • Median strip:
    a median is a physical barrier such as a raised, lowered, earth, or paved strip constructed to separate traffic travelling in different directions. Vehicles cannot cross over a median strip.
  • Highway:
    a common and public highway, street, avenue, parkway, driveway, square, place, bridge, viaduct or trestle, any part of which is used by the public for the passage of vehicles, including the shoulders of the road and the land between property lines.
  • Roadway:
    the part of the highway that is improved, designed or ordinarily used for traffic, not including the shoulder. Where a highway includes two or more separate roadways, the term road­way refers to any one roadway and not all of the roadways together.