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I. Driving techniques
Steering (forward) and off-track

The rear wheels of the vehicle do not pivot and so will not follow the same path as the front wheels. In a curve, the greater the distance (wheel base) between the front wheels and the rear wheels of the vehicle, the greater the amount of “off-track.” The off-track path of the rear wheels is closer to the curb than the path of the front wheels.

On the highway, you must lead your turning arc of the front wheels according to the sharpness of the curve and your vehicle’s off-track.

On a curve to the right, keep the front wheels close to the left side of the lane to prevent dropping the rear wheels off the pavement.

On a curve to the left, keep the front wheels closer to the right edge of the pavement to prevent the rear wheels from crossing into the other traffic lane.

Whenever possible, make turns from the proper lanes. When you must use portions of another lane to make sharp turns, it is your responsi­bility to be sure that such a move can be made safely, without interfering with other road users (Diagram 2-1).

Diagram showing how to drive a bus in a curve
Diagram 2-1