Ministry of Transportation / Ministère des Transports
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I. Driving techniques
Right turns

Right turns with vehicles that have a lot of off-track require the driver to lead the turning arc according to the amount of off-track. Running the rear wheels of the vehicle over curbs and sidewalks is dangerous and may cause damage to the suspension, wheels and tires. You must be careful not to hit objects such as power poles, sign posts or lamp standards mounted close to the curb. Generally, it is better to use more space from the road you are entering than from the road you are leaving.

In narrow streets, proceed well into the intersection before turning the steering wheel. You may need to travel partially over the centre line of the street entered or into the second traffic lane. If so, you must yield to traffic, signal the turn and ensure a safe manoeuvre. When you have to partially block off another lane in this manner, make sure that smaller vehicles such as motorcycles and bicycles are not moving up on your right side. Remember, your ability to see is restricted when you are in the middle of a turn (Diagram 2-2).

Diagram showing how to make a right turn driving a bus
Diagram 2-2