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III. Hours of service
Exemptions to hours-of-service regulations

Drivers of the following types of vehicles are not required to comply with the hours-of-service regulations:

  • Commercial motor vehicles, other than buses, having gross weight or registered gross weight of not more than 4,500 kilograms
  • Commercial motor vehicles leased for no longer than 30 days by an individual
  • Commercial motor vehicles, operated under dealer or service permits, that are not transporting passengers or goods
  • Commercial motor vehicles operated under the authority of In-Transit permits
  • Two- or three-axle commercial motor vehicles transporting primary farm, forest, sea or lake products
  • Mobile cranes
  • Pick-up trucks, being used for personal purposes, which have a manufacturer’s gross vehicle weight rating of 6,000 kilograms or less
  • Tow trucks
  • Motor homes
  • Municipal buses operated as part of a public transit service
  • Buses used for personal purposes without compensation
  • Vehicles being used by a police officers
  • Cardiac-arrest vehicles
  • Vehicles engaged in providing relief in emergencies
  • Ambulances, fire apparatus, hearses or casket wagons