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II. Traffic lights
Simultaneous left turn
When a left-turn green arrow is shown with a red light, you may turn left from the left-turn lane. Vehicles turning left from the opposite direction may also be making left turns because they too face a left-turn green arrow.
a red light with a left-turn green arrow
After the left-turn green arrow, a yellow arrow may appear. This means the green light is about to appear for traffic in one or both directions. Do not start your left turn. Stop if you can do so safely; otherwise, complete your turn with caution.
a red light with a yellow arrow
You can still turn left when the light is green, but only when the way is clear of traffic and pedestrians. If the light turns red when you are in the intersection, complete your turn when it is safe.
a green light
Pedestrians must not cross on a left-turn green arrow unless a pedestrian signal tells them to.