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II. Special safety precautions for school-bus drivers
  • When the bus is moving, the doors should be safely closed, but must not be locked.
  • Do not allow passengers to obstruct your vision to the front, sides or rear.
  • Never permit an unauthorized person to sit in the driver’s seat, operate the vehicle or any of its controls.
  • No lunch pails, books or parcels should be in the aisles or step wells at any time.
  • Never leave the vehicle without first stopping the engine, setting the brakes, putting the transmission on its lowest gear or park position and removing the ignition key. Some automatic transmission vehicles do not have a “park” position. If this is the case, the vehicle should be parked with the transmission in “neutral” and the parking brake set.
  • When a school-bus is disabled on a roadway when lights are required, flares or reflectors must be placed 30 metres (100 ft.) in front and behind the vehicle.
  • When loading and unloading students, and you cannot account for one, you should first secure the bus and check around and underneath the bus.