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IV. Emergency evacuation of school buses

It is important that you and your passengers know how to get out of the bus using the emergency exits, and how to use the safety equipment. It is also important that you inform authorities and request assistance if time allows.

It is your responsibility to set up a routine evacuation practice. In an emergency, practice can mean an orderly and speedy evacuation even if you are injured and unable to help. This practice should take place at the beginning of the school year and every month afterward.

Co-ordinate practice drills with the school administration and hold your drills in a safe, traffic-free area on school property.

The objective is to get the chil­dren off the bus safely in the shortest possible time and in an orderly way.

The standard emergency exits are:

  • Front exit
  • Rear exit
  • Both front and rear
  • Roof hatches and side push-out windows provide additional exits when needed; a driver must be aware of the use and operation