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Renewing your licence

When your licence is due for renewal, you will get a renewal application form in the mail. At this time, you will be provided with information about the requirements to renew your licence, which may include any combination of vision, written and road tests, in addition to submitting a medical report.

If any tests are required, you must complete the tests at a DriveTest Centre prior to renewal. If no tests are required, you must renew your licence in person at a ServiceOntario centre. Take the form into any ServiceOntario centre in the province. They are all equipped to take photographs. You will be asked to sign the form, show identification, pay a fee and have your photograph taken. You will get a temporary licence on the spot if your application and documents are in order, and your permanent one will be mailed to you. You must carry it with you whenever you drive and produce it when a police officer requests it.

If you do not get a renewal application form in the mail when your licence is due for renewal, call the Ministry of Transportation. You are responsible for making sure you have a valid driver’s licence.

If your licence has been suspended, cancelled or expired for more than three years, you will be required to re-apply for a licence in Ontario and meet all the requirements of graduated licensing, including passing all the required tests. Only then will you be eligible to re-apply for any commercial-class licences.