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Renewing your licence
Changing your name or address

You must tell the Ministry of Transportation within six days of changing your name or address. You will need a new licence when you change your address. You can change your address on the ServiceOntario website at, or at a ServiceOntario centre, or mail it to the Ministry of Transportation, P.O. Box 9200, Kingston, ON K7L 5K4. The ministry will send you a new licence.

When you get it, destroy your old licence and carry the new one.

If you change your name, you need a new licence. Take the documents you must show and your current licence to a ServiceOntario centre. A new photograph will be taken. You will get a temporary licence to use until your permanent licence is mailed to you. Carry it with you whenever you drive.

There is no charge for getting a new licence because you change your name or address.

The chart below shows the documents you will need to change your name on your driver’s licence.

name change chart