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Daily inspection test
Introduction and overview

The purpose of the daily inspection test is to determine if you have the knowledge and skills required to determine the safe operation of the vehicle and identify any of the prescribed minor or major defects as listed in the applicable schedule(s) in the Ontario Regulation. O. Reg.199/07.

The daily inspection test is divided into the following sections and will be performed in the following order:

    1. Exterior inspection
    2. In-cab check
    3. Interior inspection

The exterior and interior portions of the daily inspection test will be administered using a randomized selection of testing items from the applicable Schedule 1 in Regulation O. Reg. 199/07. This will ensure that you are prepared to inspect all components of the vehicle.

You will be required to inspect all items listed for the in-cab portion of the test. You will be permitted to use the applicable Schedule as a guide and reference during the daily inspection test.