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Types of vehicles requiring a class M licence
III. Motor-assisted bicycles (mopeds)

A moped has the following characteristics:

  • Weight of 55 kilograms or less
  • Attached motor driven by electricity or having a piston displacement of no more than 50 cubic centimetres
  • Pedals that are operable at all times and may be used to propel the moped
  • No hand- or foot-operated clutch or gearbox driven by the motor and transferring power to the driven wheel
  • Maximum speed of 50 km/h on level ground within 2 kilometres from a standing start

Under the Highway Traffic Act, mopeds are not considered motorcycles; however, mopeds require you to have the same types of riding skills as required for motorcycles, and you must hold a valid motorcycle class licence (an M1, M2(L), M2, M(L) or M) in order to drive on Ontario’s public roads. Your moped must also be registered with the Ministry of Transportation and have a valid moped licence plate attached. When registering your moped at a ServiceOntario centre, you must show the new vehicle information statement (NVIS). If your moped is a 1983 or earlier m­o­del, and you do not have an NVIS, you may make a self-declaration that the vehicle is a moped as defined under the Highway Traffic Act. After registering, you will be given a vehicle permit and a moped licence plate.

Illustration of a motor-assisted bicycle