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Getting your motorcycle licence
Graduated licensing

New drivers applying for their first car or motorcycle licence enter Ontario’s graduated licensing system. Graduated licensing lets new drivers gain driving experience and skills gradually. The two-step licensing process takes at least 20 months to complete.

To apply for a motorcycle licence, you must be at least 16 years old. When you apply, you will be asked questions about your health. People with some types of physical or medical conditions are not allowed to drive for safety reasons. If your physical or medical condition means you cannot be licensed, you will be told when you apply.

You must pass a vision test and a written test of your knowledge of traffic signs. You must also pass a written test of your knowledge of motorcycles and the rules of the road. There is a fee charged for these tests.

After you pass these tests, you enter Level One and get a Class M1 licence.

You must pass two road tests to become fully licenced. Passing the Level One road test gives you a Class M2 licence and you move to Level Two. Passing the Level Two road test gives you a full Class M driver’s licence.