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Getting your motorcycle licence
Level One road test

You must pass a road test of your driving skills to obtain a class M2 licence and move to Level Two. When you book the road test, you will be required to indicate the type of vehicle you plan to bring to the test (for example, motorcycle, limited-speed motorcycle or moped). The type of motorcycle you bring to the test will determine the type of licence you will receive.

If you pass the test using a limited-speed motorcycle or moped, you get an M2 licence with an L condition. The L condition restricts you to driving a limited-speed motorcycle or moped on public roads other than controlled-access highways and any other highways listed in Reg. 630 of the Highway Traffic Act.

If you pass the test on a three-wheeled motorcycle (motor tricycle or motorcycle with sidecar), you will receive an M2 licence with an M condition. The M condition will restrict you to driving only three-wheeled motorcycles on any public road in Ontario.

If you pass the test on a motor­cycle other than a three-wheeled motorcycle or a limited-speed motorcycle, you get an M2 licence (no L or M condition), and you may drive a motorcycle or motor tricycle on any public road in Ontario. You may also drive a moped or limited-speed motorcycle on public roads where they are permitted.