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Do a pre-drive vehicle check

Motorcycles and mopeds require more attention and upkeep than cars, since the consequences of something going wrong are usually much more severe when on a motorcycle than while driving a car. You should always check the condition of the vehicle before you drive it. Here are the things you should check every time before you drive a motorcycle or moped:

The proper tires are important for good traction, mileage and safety. Check your tires for the following:

  • Pressure – Proper tire pressure means safer driving and longer-lasting tires. Use an air-pressure gauge to check the pressure when the tires are cold. If you do not know what your tire pressure should be, check the owner’s manual or with the manufacturer.
  • Tread – Worn or uneven tread can make the vehicle skid, particularly on wet pavement.
  • Damage – Check for cuts or nails stuck in the tread. Also, check for wear, bulges or cracking. A blowout on a motorcycle can be extremely dangerous.

Make sure all levers, pedals and switches are in good condition and operate properly. They should spring back to the original position when you let go.

Try the front and rear brakes one at a time. Make sure each one holds the motorcycle or moped when it is fully applied. It is especially important to test the brakes of a motorcycle or moped you are unfamiliar with or have never ridden before.

Check for loose bolts.

Check for kinks, binding or broken strands.

The headlight(s) must shine a white light. The rear or tail light(s) must be red. A white light must shine on the licence plate. Keep your lights clean and check that all are working before you drive away.

Fuel and oil
Check levels.

Check springs.