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Avoid drugs and alcohol

Drinking alcohol increases your chances of having a collision. Alcohol can begin to affect your ability to handle your motorcycle safely at blood-alcohol levels far below the legal limit. Your balance, steering, speed control and distance perception may be off. Because alcohol also clouds your judgment, you may not recognize these symptoms of impairment until it is too late.

Besides alcohol, almost any drug can affect your ability to drive a vehi­cle safely. This includes illegal and prescription drugs. It even includes non-prescription drugs such as cold tablets or allergy pills. These drugs can leave you weak, dizzy or drowsy. Make sure you know the effects of any drug before you drive. If you feel dizzy or weak while driving, stop and wait until you feel normal.

Read chapter 4, “Keeping your driver’s licence,” in the Official MTO Driver’s Handbook, to understand the consequences of driving while impaired.

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