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Wear a helmet

A helmet is the most important motorcycle or moped accessory you can have. Wearing a helmet can protect you from serious head injury. Ontario law requires you and your passenger to wear approved helmets with the chin strap securely fastened every time you drive a motorcycle or moped.

Note: An exemption to Ontario's mandatory helmet law applies for Sikh riders who meet the requirements of the Highway Traffic Act see

An approved helmet is one that meets standards approved for use in Ontario. It must have a strong chin strap and fastener, and be in good condition. Approved helmets come in a variety of styles and prices. It is important to choose one that is well constructed and will protect you. A full-faced helmet offers the best protection and the most comfort. A helmet with bright colours and reflective devices may make you more visible to other drivers.

Make sure your helmet fits snugly and does not slide around on your head. Always keep the strap securely fastened. Studies of motorcycle collisions show that a loose helmet will come off in a collision.

Besides protecting you from head injury, a helmet can make you more comfortable when driving because it reduces the noise of the road and keeps the wind, bugs and other debris from blowing in your face.