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Wear protective clothing

Protective clothing can help protect you from injury in a fall or collision and from the impact of wind, rain, insects, stones and debris. It can also help reduce fatigue by keeping you warm in bad weather. Bright colours and reflective items, such as a safety vest, make you more visible to other drivers on the road.

Wear a jacket and pants that cover your arms and legs completely, even in warm weather. Leather offers the best protection, but riding suits made of special synthetic materials, can also give you a lot of protection.

Your clothes should fit snugly enough to keep from flapping but still let you move freely. Consider wearing protective equipment such as back protectors, kidney belts and body armour as inserts in your protective clothing.

In cold or wet weather, your clothes should keep you warm and dry as well as protect you from injury. Driving for long periods in cold weather can cause severe chill and fatigue. Rain suits should be one piece and brightly coloured. Those not designed for motorcycle use may balloon out and allow wind and water to enter when driving at free­way speeds. A winter jacket should resist wind and fit snugly at neck, wrists and waist. Layer your clothes for extra warmth and protection.

Choose boots that are sturdy and high enough to protect your ankles. Soles should be made of hard, durable material that will grip the pavement when you are stopped. Heels should be short so they will not catch on rough surfaces. Avoid shoes with rings or laces that may catch on the motorcycle’s controls.

Gloves are also important in both cold and warm weather. They give you a better hold on the handgrips and controls. Gauntlet gloves that extend over your wrists are recommended because they protect your wrists, as well as your fingers and knuckles. Look for sturdy leather gloves designed for motorcycle use.

Drawing of person with motorcycle helmet and leather protective clothing