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Starting your motorcycle

Depending on the age and model of your motorcycle, the starting procedure may vary. Generally, you start a motorcycle (not a limited-speed motorcycle) by turning the ignition switch on and making sure the engine kill switch is not in the “off” position. (This can happen by accident, so it is always a good idea to check.)

Shift your transmission into neutral. Set your choke as required. (How you do this will depend on whether your engine is cold, as well as the individual characteristics of your vehicle.) Pull in the clutch and press the starter button. Release the button as soon as you hear the engine fire. If your motorcycle has a kick-starter instead of an electric starter, you will need to unfold the lever, usually above the right footrest, and kick it downward to start the motorcycle.

Once the engine is going, shift into first gear and, with your feet still on the ground, slowly ease the clutch lever out until the motorcycle begins to move forward. Raise your feet and continue to ease up on the clutch, applying the throttle to give the engine enough fuel not to stall.