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Driving along

Steering a motorcycle or moped is very different from steering a car. When driving a motorcycle or moped, you must use your entire body to control the balance and steering of your vehicle.

Driving along, your body posture should be fairly straight. Sit close enough to the handlebars to reach them with your arms slightly bent so that you can turn the handlebars without having to stretch. Hold the handgrips firmly enough that you will not lose your grip if the motorcycle or moped bounces. Drive with your wrists low to keep you from increasing your speed by mistake. Hold your knees firmly against the gas tank for comfort and better control. To maintain your balance, keep your feet firmly on the footrests. Do not drag your foot along the ground.

Keep your toes up so they do not get caught between the road surface and the footrest. Keep your motorcycle or moped as vertical as possible, especially when accelerating.