Ministry of Transportation / Ministère des Transports
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You need to be extra careful when turning or changing lanes on a motorcycle or moped. The only way to learn how to make good, precise turns is to practise.

Slow down before entering a turn. Approach turns with extra caution until you learn to judge how fast you can actually take a turn. If you cannot hold a turn, you may end up crossing into another lane of traffic or going off the road.

If you brake too hard when turning, you may skid out of control. Check your mirrors and over your shoulder to be sure the way is clear, and signal well in advance to alert other drivers that you intend to turn or change lanes. Then lean with the vehicle into the turn. The sharper the turn and the faster your speed, the more you lean. Look well ahead in your turn. Practise keeping your head upright and facing into the turn. Remember, slow down before you begin to turn. And speed up to come out of the turn. To keep control of your steering, avoid braking in the turn.

Illustration of someone turning a corner on motorcycle