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I. Visibility
Being seen at intersections

Most collisions between motorcycles or mopeds and other vehicles happen at intersections. The two leading causes of these collisions are: 1) drivers often have a hard time seeing a motorcycle or moped coming toward them; and 2) a vehi­cle may make a left turn across your path or pull out from a side street. To cut down your chances of being hit, follow these steps:

  • Approach slowly. If a driver does pull out suddenly, your chances of making a quick stop or a quick turn are better if you are going slowly.
  • Move as far away as you can from the other vehicle. If the vehicle is on your right, move to the left. For a vehicle on your left or an oncoming vehicle with a left-turn signal on, move to the right.
  • Move away from things that could block the other driver’s view. When you approach an intersection with a vehicle waiting to pull out, move toward the centre of the road so that you are in the other driver’s line of sight.
Diagram showing how to be visible at intersections