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Driving at night

Driving a motorcycle or moped at night can be risky. You cannot see or be seen as well as you can in the daytime. Because of their inexperience, Level One (M1) drivers are not allowed to drive at night.

Another major problem for motorcycle and moped drivers when driving at night is alcohol. There are more drinking drivers on the road to put you at risk. And some motorcycle and moped drivers put themselves at risk by drinking. Alcohol reduces your ability to control your vehicle and to anticipate trouble from other drivers. Follow these tips for driving at night:

  • Keep your headlight(s) clean, and switch to your high beam when- ever you are not following or approaching another vehicle. Get as much light as you can.
  • Wear reflective clothing, such as a reflective vest and helmet. Also, wear warmer clothing when riding at night.
  • Reduce your speed, particularly on roads that you do not know well. If there is something lying on the road ahead, you may not see it in time to avoid it.
  • Use the lights of the vehicle in front of you to get a better view of the road ahead. Watch the movement of the vehicle’s tail lights as well. Tail lights bouncing up and down can alert you to bumps or rough pavement.
  • Increase your distance from other vehicles. You cannot judge distance as well at night. Make up for this by allowing extra distance between you and other vehicles. Give yourself more distance to pass.
Illustration of someone riding at night