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Vehicles turning left in front of you

One of the most common causes of collisions between motorcycles or mopeds and cars is the car driver turning left in front of the motorcycle or moped. This is because the car’s driver either does not see the motorcycle or moped or misjudges its speed. You can help to avoid such collisions by following these steps:

  • Prepare to slow down and proceed with caution if you are going faster than a driver would expect when you approach an intersection with a vehicle waiting to turn left.
  • Take a defensive lane position. Move as far as possible to the right to give a little more room between you and the vehicle.
  • Think about what you will do if the car turns in front of you. Where will you go? Is there a clear area to swerve? How fast will your motorcycle stop on the road surface?
  • Do not focus only on the left- turning vehicle. Pay attention to everything going on around you. Check to make sure there is nothing else in the intersection that could cause trouble, such as another vehicle or a pedestrian.
Illustration of car turning left in front of rider on motorcycle