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Insuring your motorcycle or moped

Ontario has compulsory motor vehicle insurance. This means that you must insure your motorcycle or moped. 

You must show proof that you have insurance coverage before you can register your motorcycle or moped or renew your registration. If you do not tell the truth about your insurance, or show false documents, you can be fined $5,000 to $25,000. You may also lose your licence for up to one year and have your motorcycle or moped taken away for up to three months. 

You must insure all your vehicles for third party liability of at least $200,000. This covers you if you injure or kill someone or damage someone’s property. Collision insurance to cover damage to your own vehicle is a good idea but not required by law. 

When driving your own vehicle or someone else’s, you must carry the pink liability insurance card given to you by the insurance company for that particular vehicle. You must show this card when a police officer asks for it. If you do not, you can be fined up to $400.