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Registering your motorcycle or moped

Motorcycle and moped registration includes licence plates and a vehicle permit. Licence plates are required for motorcycles and mopeds when driven on public roads.

When registering your moped at a Driver and Vehicle Licence Issuing Office, you must show the bill of sale. Dealers of mopeds are required by law to provide purchasers with a certificate that guarantees the moped fits the definition under the Highway Traffic Act.

A distinct new licence plate is issued to all limited-speed motorcycles registered after March 27, 2006. The new plate is the same size as the motorcycle plate but is green with white lettering. Motorcycle and moped plates will remain the same. Licence plates in Ontario work on a plate-to-owner system. This means that licence plates move with the vehicle owner, not the vehicle. When you sell or change a vehicle, you must remove the plates. If you do not intend to use them on another vehicle, you may return them to a Driver and Vehicle Licence Issuing Office.