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I. Left and right turns

This driving task involves your actions as you make the turn. Remember to do the following:

Traffic check
If you are stopped, waiting for a green light or for the way to be clear, keep checking traffic all around you. Just before entering the intersection, look left, ahead and right to check that the way is clear. If there is any doubt about the right-of-way, try to make eye contact with nearby drivers or pedestrians. If it is possible for another vehicle to overtake you while you are turning, check your blind spot before starting to turn. You have not properly checked traffic if another vehicle or pedestrian has the right-of-way and must take action to avoid your vehicle.

Both feet
Keep both feet on the footrests throughout the turn. Do not walk the motorcycle or moped to ease into or around a turn. You are most at risk from other traffic when turning. Keeping both feet on the footrests gives you maximum control when you need it most.

Gears (if applicable)
Do not shift gears during the turn. An incorrect gear change during a turn can cause the rear wheel to skid. Generally, not changing gears gives you more control and balance over your vehicle when it is turning.

Move ahead within four to five seconds after it is safe to start. Increase speed enough that the engine does not stall or over-rev. Make the turn at a steady speed, slow enough to keep full control of the motorcycle or moped while turning, but fast enough to keep your balance and not slow down other traffic.

Turn into the corresponding lane on the intersecting road without going over any lane markings or curbs.