Ministry of Transportation / Ministère des Transports
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III. Through intersection
Driving through

This driving task includes your actions from the time you enter the intersection until you have crossed it and are returning to normal traffic speed. Remember these points:

Do not go over lane markings or change tire tracks in the intersection. If a vehicle turning left or a vehicle edging into the intersection from the right blocks your lane, slow down or stop instead of pulling out to go around the vehicle.

Gears (if applicable)
Do not shift gears crossing the intersection. If you need to, you may shift gears immediately after your motorcycle is moving but before it is well into the intersection. You may also shift gears in an intersection wider than four lanes if not doing so would slow down other traffic. Generally, not changing gears gives you more control over your motorcycle.

Traffic check
If you slowed down for the intersection, check your mirrors again before returning to normal traffic speed.