Ministry of Transportation / Ministère des Transports
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IV. Freeway

(This section does not apply when taking the test on a limited-speed motorcycle or moped.)
This driving task begins on the entrance ramp to a freeway and ends when you have reached the speed of traffic on the freeway. Remember to do the following:

Traffic check
While on the ramp, as soon as you can see freeway traffic approaching from behind, check your mirrors and your blind spot for a space to merge safely. At the same time, watch any vehicles in front of you on the ramp and keep back a safe distance. Continue to divide your attention between watching in front, checking your mirrors and looking over your shoulder to check your blind spot until you can merge safely with traffic.

If you have not done so already, turn on your signal as soon as traffic on the freeway is able to see your motorcycle on the ramp.

Drive in the left tire track. While on the ramp and merging with freeway traffic, keep at least a two- to threesecond distance behind the vehicle in front of you. If traffic is heavy or moving at such a high speed that it is difficult to keep an ideal following distance, change your speed to get the best spacing possible.

On the ramp, do not drive faster than the safe ramp speed. While in the acceleration lane, increase your speed to match that of freeway traffic. While merging, control your speed to blend smoothly with freeway traffic.

Merge with freeway traffic in a smooth, gradual movement to the left tire track of the nearest freeway lane.

Cancel Signal Turn off your signal as soon as you have merged with freeway traffic.