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IV. Freeway
Driving along

(This section does not apply when taking the test on a limited-speed motorcycle or moped.)
This driving task checks your actions driving along the freeway but not merging, changing lanes or exiting. Be sure to remember the following points:

Traffic check
While driving along, keep checking traffic all around you and look in your mirrors every five to 10 seconds.

Avoid exceeding the speed limit or driving unreasonably slowly. Drive at a steady speed whenever possible. Look ahead to where you are going to be in the next 12 to 15 seconds for dangerous situations or obstacles that you can avoid by changing your speed.

Always keep at least a two- to three second distance behind the vehicle in front of you. If another vehicle follows too closely behind you, give yourself even more room in front or change lanes. Try to keep a space on both sides of your motorcycle and avoid driving in the blind spots of other vehicles. Try not to drive behind large vehicles. Because of their size, they block your view of traffic more than other vehicles. Drive in the correct tire track.