Ministry of Transportation / Ministère des Transports
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IV. Freeway

(This section does not apply when taking the test on a limited-speed motorcycle or moped.)
This driving task begins when you are driving in the far right lane of the freeway and can see the exit you want to take. It ends when you reach the end of the exit ramp. Remember to do the following:

Traffic check
Before moving into the exit lane, look left and right and check your mirrors. If there is a lane of traffic on your right, such as an accelera­tion lane from an entrance ramp, or a paved shoulder, remember also to check your right blind spot.

Turn on your signal before you reach the exit lane.

Exit lane
Enter the exit lane at the beginning of the lane with a smooth, gradual movement. Drive in the left tire track and stay inside the lane markings.

Do not slow down before you are completely in the exit lane. Once you are in the lane, gradually slow down without causing traffic to pile up behind you. Use both your front and rear brakes to slow down. This will let other drivers know that you are slowing down. Downshift as you reduce speed.

Keep at least a two- to three-second distance behind the vehicle in front of you.

Cancel signal
Turn off your signal once you are on the exit ramp.