Provincially-owned Highway 407

Provincially-owned Highway 407

Includes three provincially-owned and operated toll highways – Highway 407, Highway 412 and Highway 418.

  • Highway 407 (44 kilometres) from Brock Road in Pickering to Highway 35/115 in Clarington and;
  • Highways 412 and 418, two north-south highways (10 kms each) connecting Highway 407 to Highway 401.

The opening of these highways has enhanced central Ontario's highway system. Highways 407, 412 and 418 are publicly owned and tolled highways. The province sets and regulates tolls, retains the toll revenue and establishes high customer service standards.

Map of the 407E

See a large map of the Highway 407 East project (PDF 1.15 MB).

COVID-19 Outbreak Relief Measures

Ontario is taking steps to provide immediate relief for those who use any of the provincially-owned and operated toll highways. For more information please visit

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